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Music, Photon, and books

Hi everyone

Expofighter has been playable for 3 months now and I wanted to talk a little bit about where the game is at and where it is going.

Since the release I have been swamped with life issues to deal with so communication has been pretty quiet and progress has been slow. I now hope to be changing this. I feel renewed and excited to get back to work on upgrading this game and making it kick ass.

The game is up to version 1.05 with most of the changes related to networking bugs and major gameplay bugs. At this point the game is playable but far from the quality I would like. Networking is still a big issue, without some kind of rollback implementation the input lag is still too great. There is also a ton of work to be done in the visual and audio areas of the game.

This month I am going to upgrade from unity’s built in network solution to Photon, a middleware solution. I am hoping this switch can alleviate some of the input lag and help with stability. This is not going to be a true fix but I feel its a step in the right direction.

This month I’m also going to be recording and implementing the game music. I was hoping to have this done at launch but I ended up focussing on gameplay and networking. I’ll first get a track for in battle, then for the main menu, later adding tracks for fighter select and training mode.

Finally I want to mention my progress on rewards for the people that contributed to the project. Today I have completed the first set of rewards, the arcade sticks with custom expofighter art. They will be sent out this week If everything works out. Next I’m going to focus on completing the physical copies of the game. I’m currently working on the instruction books that will be included. I’ll be sure to upload images of them as they are completed.

Thank you everyone who continues to support the game. There is lots to come.


Double Faction Points All PAX weekend!
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To celebrate this year’s Penny Arcade Expo you will receive double points every time you win a console wars match for your faction. Let your fists do the talking and tell us which console is winning the wars!

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Hi Everyone

Despite my best efforts, and crunching all through this week, I don’t feel like EXPO FIGHTER is at the level of quality to officially launch yet.

I still have another week until E3 rolls around so I’m still optimistic that I can get it to a more complete state before then.

I’m uploading the current build so that people can try it but this is still going to be a beta.

Thanks everyone for supporting!

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I’ve decided to get people motivated to find some good combos by throwing a little contest.


How to enter:

1. Find the highest hit combo you can find with any fighter in the game.

2. Record yourself preforming the combo and upload it online.

3. Post a link to the combo as a reply to this blog post.


Whoever posts the highest hit combo by the end of day May 31 will win 200 $ and a one of a kind in game badge.


Note – post ko combos do not count. Using hacks or mods to the game will not count. In event of a tie the person who posted a reply first will win.

Good luck

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The stage is set for the greatest battle in video game history… the battle for market share! The PC Master Race has enslaved the citizens of Earth and declared the one console future is upon us… the question is which console will it be?

Enter THE EXPO, a gathering of champions from the many splintered factions of the console market. Battling for the honor and survival of their company these fighters must use anything and everything to secure ultimate victory. All peripherals are allowed!

EXPO FIGHTER is a free to play web browser fighting game pitting video game industry inspired characters against one another. EXPO FIGHTER is planned for launch June 1st 2013.

Key Features

- Play as characters inspired by your favorite game industry personalities as you battle to decide the fate of the console wars!
- Online play featuring solo and faction based rankings
- Fighting system with strongly defined character match-ups yet still giving the player freedom to freestyle within those boundaries. Think SSF2T meets SF3:3S.
- Re-Imagined parry system and chainable ex attacks
- Arcade stick/Controller support
- Many other E3 Inspired references and Easter eggs
Game Screen






The game is available right now to test! Create an account and give it a shot. Let me know what you think.


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Hey everyone, a new blog post is coming soon but until then I want to post up a movelist for those who are testing the game out.


‘Mote throw – quarter circle forward + punch
Smackdown – half circle forward + punch
Rising stocks – half circle forward + kick


Blue ray – quarter circle forward + punch
Move upper – forward down down-forward + punch
Grill toss – half circle forward + kick
Portable suprise projectile – quarter circle forward + kick

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Continuing from my previous post here is the breakdown of Regicide’s junping attacks and special moves:


Jump Attacks


Jump light punch – this attack is mostly designed to be an air to air stuffing attack.


Jump light kick – a unique attack that is used mainly for crossup and meaty pressure on wakeup
Jump heavy punch – a big air pimp slap used when you guess an opponents jump.



Jump heavy kick – Regicide’s longest air attack. Used mostly to hit projectile throwers and start combos.


Special Moves

blog_Mote‘Mote throw – Regicide pulls out a ‘mote and hucks it at the opponent. This projectile is slow to start and falls off as it travels but it gives Regicide an important tool to stop projectiles and pressure from a distance. The hype version includes the wheel which makes it faster and have two hits.


blog_cGrabSmackdown – Regicide winds up a big smack to hit the opponent. If it hits Regicide grabs the opponent from behind and lands a spinning suplex. This is Regicide’s key big damage move and will be the essential part of his game.


blog_RisingRising stocks – Regicide propells into the air and catches the opponent jumping. He then spins the opponent and kicks them to the ground. This is most obviously an anti air throw but it can also be used as an escape if necessary.


blog_StompGoomba stomp – Regicide winds up and lands a big stomp. This is a tricky tool for Regicide. It is a charge move so it requires him to sacrifice a kick button until used. It has a lot of low invincibility and can be used to catch an opponents limb. Also most of Regicide’s moves can be cancelled by Goomba stomp to make them safer.

That covers Regicide’s move set. Next post I’ll talk about the timings of moves and the tools used to create them.

Regicide Move-set Design Part 1
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For a first post I though I would breakdown some of Regicides move set. Regicide is built around the archetype of a grappler character; he is a character that needs to maintain close range to deal the majority of his damage, and due to his slow speed he is forced to play a little more patiently, waiting to create big opportunities for damage.
My main concern when designing the move-sets for all 3 characters is to make sure each move is an effective tool that isn’t overshadowed by other moves in the set. It’s ok that there is some shared utility between moves but I’m looking to make sure every move has it’s place.
When each move is activated several boxes are spawned. The blue box represents the area of the fighter which is throwable. This box rarely changes. The red box represents the area which inflicts damage. The larger this is the more priority a move tends to have. Lastly the green boxes represent the vulnerable areas of the fighter.




Stand L Punch - A slightly unorthodox LP the idea here is a slow, high-priority attack that can be used as an anti-poking tool. The Regicide player will want to try to fish for counter hits with this move as a counter hit will open up some combo opportunities. A little too slow for tick throwing.



Stand L Kick - Regicides fastest standing normal. This will be his go to for standing tick-throw set-ups.



Stand H Punch – This is a big utility move for Regicide. This is one of Regicides few anti-airs, and it’s a pretty long range poke. The issue is the speed of the move so players will have to be careful about overusing and getting themselves in danger.



Standing H kick – Another heavy poke for Regicide, stand H kick is his longest range move. Good priority but not effective as an anti-air.



Crouch L Punch – A fantastic low with great speed and reach. Cancels into itself for a rapid fire defensive move. Crouch L will be a staple tick throw move as well as a hit confirm for combos.



Crouch L Kick – Slower than the Crouch
L punch but longer in reach, this is Regicides low poke. Great for 2-in-1ing to a ‘Mote throw.



Crouch H Punch – This is Regicides one dedicated anti-air. High priority but slow and lacking range, the player will have to be smart about using this move.



Crouch H Kick – A fast sweep. This will see a lot of use to set up some of Regicides scarier wakeup games.


That’s it for this week, next week I’ll go into details on Regicides jumping attacks and specials. Let me know what you think so far. Thanks for your support and feedback.